Ayurveda is world’s oldest traditional medical systems to harmonize body and mind’s constitution with life forces.

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Natural care is based on holistic principles to facilitate body’s inherent ability to restore optimal health.


Integrative Health

Integrative healthcare is personalized care designed using conventional and complementary approaches.


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Varieties of 100% all natural herbal services of beauty care like Exotica facial, sublime facial and many more.



Massage is a clinically-oriented healthcare method that involves working on the body with pressure.


Learn about the holistic health & healing power of integrative therapies to manage personal health.



Yoga is a lifestyle management system which includes breath control, simple meditation, and body postures.


One-stop shop for the selected herbal skincare products, yoga, health and wellness dietary supplements

PARAM “Helps in Healthcare & Healing Holistically”


As a matter of fact in today’s fast pacing world and hectic life, the days are more stressful than enjoyable. Without doubt, it is a well-known reality that Hurry, Worry & Curry is the key factors for the majority of the health problems. Basically the reason for overall health problem varies from person to person. Param Wellness explicitly believes that treatment with the conventional system may not be sufficient to provide the total health. Hence the goal of the Param Wellness is to provide customized, comprehensive, coordinated and complete par excellent world-class authentic and reliable time tested, evidence-based care. Also scientific research based Holistic Wellness and Beautycare services.

Param Wellness shall also, conduct and evaluate the medicinal values of herbs, herbal medicine, and products which are used since centuries for the complicated medical conditions. Simultaneously we do the scientific and evidence-based research, for the benefits of mankind. Meanwhile to refresh, restore, and rejuvenate the total health of our clients, the Param Wellness has collaborated with the Dr.B.B.Thaker Research Center and various other renowned doctors and research scientists, who work in Nanotechnology, Drug Delivery System, Nutraceuticals and Chronic Disease Management, etc.


Specifically the vision of the Param Wellness is to extend and enhance the health and human life, holistically. In order to achieve our vision, we render the highest-quality of appropriate integration of Ayurvedic, Naturopathic, Yogic, and other Integrative health services. Additionally we provide recent medical research and evidence-based herbal health and beauty care related products, for the purpose of prevention from diseases and protection and promotion of positive health.

For the purpose of the wellbeing of the disabled, underserved and economically poor older adults and senior people Param Wellness have collaborated with, IRS 501 (c) (3) certified non-profit organization. Simultaneously We outreach and arrange the free camps to encourage the people for the wellbeing, healthy lifestyle to prevent and manage chronic disease. Additionally we provide free or concessional wellness services to the needy person. For the Purpose of wellness of underserved people we accept and appreciate the donation from our valued clients for the noble cause

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