Disclaimer Param Wellness March 3, 2023

This to inform to all our valued clients that Param Wellness only promotes and educates about the health, wellness, skin and beauty care through the traditional and time tested Complementary and Alternative Therapies and Herbal Products based on Ayurveda, Massage, Yoga, Reiki, Naturopathy, Hydrotherapy, Mudtherapy, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, or other holistic care related therapies which are known to be beneficial for the health and wellness.

Param Wellness does not have any diagnostic or treatment facility and does not claim to treat and cure any disease or medical condition by any or all services and the products available or sold at our wellness center. We also acknowledge that our Counselors are not acting in any capacity as a licensed physician, does not diagnose or treat physical or mental ailments, diseases of psychological conditions but only provides general wellness consultation that may or may not confer a health benefit to the individual.

Any guidance, counseling, service or product provided by our experts neither should be used for diagnosis or treatment of your symptoms, medical condition or disease nor for the replacement of any medicine prescribed by your medical provider. Param Wellness strongly recommend that qualified health care professional be consulted to decide what appropriate treatment is for you. The client may continue his/her medical treatment or advice of their primary care physician and any specialists they have consulted. The client should not modify or discontinue their medical treatment unless advised by their primary care physician.

Param Wellness is not taking any responsibility or liabilities of its Therapist or Counselor or any of the guidance or products prepared and or provided because neither of any product or its ingredients or formulations or advice or therapies is FDA tested or approved or certified for its beneficial effects or side effects, allergy and safety. Counseling for any therapy or and use of any product its use and application is solely dependent on the client’s own discretion.

Any information or content available on this website is for awareness and educational purpose only, the reader is solely responsible for use of these materials by any means.